Friday, October 22, 2010

My hot summer

Hi! My name is Jana. I want to tell you about my summer. In the end of July there was a great fire in Ryazan region. It was hard to breathe, because of the smoke. The weather was very hot. There wasn’t any rain at all. I think the main reasons are the weather and people’s carelessness. My family and I helped to put the fire out.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Burning Summer of 2010

Hello, friends!
My name is Julie. I'd like to tell you about our difficult summer, because there were a lot of forest fires. At this time I was in the village near Ryazan. It was near the river and we didn't feel bad, but when we came back to the city, we couldn't breathe normally. We had to wear wet kerchiefs or respirstors (even at home). It was very smoky in the city (like in the bad movie) and we couldn't get out of the house. By the way, my friends were in the summer camp. When it started, they were very afraid and didn't sleep all night. But on the next day they came home.
I think the main reasons are people's carelessness. Sometimes we forget about our safety.

Truly yours, Julie.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Meet our younger brother! (Or sister?)

We are glad to introduce one more School 72 blog to you: It's been created for the pupils of the 2nd-5th grades. They are just beginners but still are very enthusiastic about this project!

It's time to start!

Hello everyone!
It's October and we're finally back to our blog! I hope this year will be full of the bright events and interesting projects.
We're are happy to greet our good friends from St.Louis and Leesburg (the USA), Manchester (England) and Stoneyburn (Scotland).
And, of course, we'll be happy to find new friends this year!