Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hallowe'en fun

Hello, my name is Olya. I'd like to tell you about our school camp that we visited on our autumn holidays. We spent there 2 days and had a lot of fun.
Our team from 10th grade helped teachers with competitions and contests, and it was an interesting expierence. There were competitions in crocket and rugby and volleyball, we had Halloween disco with games too. It was the most unusual thing, cause we in Russia usually do not selebrate Halloween, but we really wanted to. All of us got wonderful experience on thes holidays, we liked it very much :)


  1. Hello! I am moving to Ryazan, Russia from Singapore in few months' time. Is it true that this school is international school and it opens to non-Russian speaking students?

  2. Hello Cahaya,
    No, our school is usual secondary school for Russian-speaking students. We just have a special program of learning foreign languges.
    And what are you going to do in Ryazan - to work or to study?

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